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Demand-Driven Training for youth employment programs build job-relevant skills valued by employers and useful for self-employment by offering both pre-employment skills development and some form of on-the- job training.

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Youth Entrepreneurship in Their Own Words: Perspectives on What Works from the Field

FHI 360, MENA Alliances Group, Afterschool Centre for Career Development, Habona Ltd.

FHI 360 wants to bring the perspective and experiences of young entrepreneurs from the field to you. Interested in learning about what entrepreneurship programming approaches have proven most effective? Want to find out if youth entrepreneurs agree?

Putting Money Where the Results Are - Improving Youth Development Outcomes by Tying Funding to Results

Instiglio, Millenium Challenge Corporation

Funders face significant challenges in identifying which programs deliver the best results at the best prices.

From Kabul to the Waldorf Astoria: Online Learning in Diverse Contexts

International Youth Foundation, FHI 360, American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute

Online and mobile learning present an incredible opportunit

Build Your Labor Market Assessment Toolkit: A Hands-On Introduction to Analyzing Youth Employment Opportunities


In this interactive session led by FHI 360 and facilitated by USAID, participants will learn about the key uses and components of a labor market assessment, and have the chance to test out a number of powerful and innovative tools that can help them answer important questions about a labor market system. How do stakeholders act and interact?

Once 14 Year Old Girls, Now Empowered Youth Entrepreneurs

Chemonics International, Byeffe Foods LLC, Equator Seeds Limited

The solutions to the challenges youth face come from youth themselves.

A Lost and Found Generation: How Longstanding Conflict Impacts Youth Economic Success and How to Rebuild Success from Conflict

VAD Foundation

In this session, we will hear directly from a leader in South Sudan's education sector on the impacts of conflict on today's generation of youth, as well as tools for how to instill resilience to economic shocks.

Design Squad Global: Exploring a Model that Approaches Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving from a Global Perspective

FHI 360

This session provides an immersive experience of the interactive project-based learning approach used by DSG to develop the problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills of youth within and for a global context. Participants will work collaboratively to solve a set engineering challenge within given contextual constraints different from their own.

Women at the Forefront of a Skilled Workforce in Conflict and Fragile Environments

Creative Associates International, CARE USA

Women in conflict and fragile settings require tailored training opportunities and employment services to hone the vocational and soft skills needed to find and retain jobs.

A Better Metric for the Value of a Worker Training Program: Cost Per Employed Day

Generation, USAID, World Bank

There are thousands of workforce development and training programs, run by the public, social, and private sectors. Some are excellent; others, not so much. The problem is that we don’t always know which are which. How do we make sure we are getting the results we want to achieve—young people in jobs—and doing so as cost-effectively as possible?

Scaling Solutions to the Youth Unemployment Crisis: New Models for Rural and Urban Youth Economic Engagement

TechnoServe, African Management Initiative, The MasterCard Foundation

With 11 million young people entering sub-Saharan Africa’s job market annually, youth account for 60% of the region’s unemployment. Many lack basic skills and struggle to and or create work for themselves. And the needs and challenges of rural and urban youth can vary greatly. To address this employment gap, job training and skills development programs not only need to address rural vs.


71 - 80 of 1062 results