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We invite you to build on the learning available on YouthEconomicOpportunities.org by engaging in the full range of YEO Network activities:
Annual Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit

For ten years, Making Cents has convened the annual Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit (GYEO Summit). Today, the Summit is the leading event of its kind in North America, and a truly global convening that brings together more than 500 leading stakeholders from 50+ countries to connect, exchange, and collaborate. Visit www.YouthEOSummit.org to register for the 2017 Summit. 

Virtual Engagement: "Apply It" Webinars

Making Cents organizes the “Apply It” Webinar Series to provide global YEO Network stakeholders with concrete tools, discussions, and knowledge that they can apply to their work. Join our mailing list to receive announcements about upcoming webinars. Interested in hosting an “Apply It” webinar? Email [email protected] for details. 
In-Person Collaboration: Convening of Leading Global Companies

Since 2010, Making Cents has convened leading global companies committed to advancing economic opportunities for young people. These gatherings enable companies to share best practices, build on lessons learned, and create sustained relationships of trust and effective collaboration that positively impact youth employment. Email [email protected] to request an invitation for the 2017 convening.