Mind the (Skills) Gap: Equipping Youth with Entrepreneurial Skills for the Changing World of Work

Branka Minic, Jessica Greenhalf, Stephanie Van Damm, Sophia Rodriguez, Heidi Stawson, Andres Jimenez Villegas
Future Work Consulting, Youth Business International, EY, Network for teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), Accenture, Manq'a
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Oct 2, 2019


The Fourth Industrial Revolution continues to disrupt the world of work. To thrive young people must have an entrepreneurial mindset and a mix of hard, soft and digital skills. In this session, join leading experts from different sectors to discuss how current trends are reshaping the skills young people need, and how these skills can be best developed and measured. Key insights will be shared from Youth Business International’s new research on the soft skills young entrepreneurs need to run successful businesses and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s work to activate and measure youth entrepreneurial mindset using their Entrepreneurial Mindset Index. Following an opening discussion, participants will work in small groups facilitated by session leads to discuss themes such as identifying priority skills, the role of mentoring in skill building and new assessment tools. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences and identify opportunities for collaboration to progress this critical agenda. 

Workforce Development
Enterprise Development
Economic Empowerment
Financial Literacy/Education
Market Development
Market Research & Assessments
Rural & Agricultural Finance
Rural Development
Training & Capacity