How to Scale What Works: Lessons, Tools and Skills for Systems Change

Andrea Padilla, Ilídio Caifaz, Hector Jimenez Marquez, Tasmiah Rahman, Iqbal Hossain, Urmila Sarkar
International Youth Foundation, State Government of Baja California Sur, BRAC USA, UNICEF
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Oct 3, 2019


The youth employment challenge is big and needs big solutions. In order to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people around the world, we need innovative solutions to address youth employment operating at scale and foster systems change. But, how do we take projects from small pilots to reaching the masses? What are the practical implications of pursuing a systematic scale-up approach? And, how do you program manage complex systems change at scale?


In this session, we´ll help participants to understand the next steps for taking their projects to the next level, while grappling real-world scenarios of successful programs that call for scaling up pathways that require to go beyond the traditional focus to sustain large-scale systems change.


BRAC, UNICEF, and Generation Unlimited will share lessons learned in transforming a pilot apprenticeships project for out-of-school adolescents in Bangladesh into a global model through Generation Unlimited, while IYF will share their own experiences with real-world scenarios of program management challenges from systems change initiatives from Mexico and Mozambique.

Workforce Development
Latin America & the Caribbean
Sub-Saharan Africa
Economic Empowerment
Financial Literacy/Education
Market Development
Market Research & Assessments
Scaling Up
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