Labor Market Assessment Modules and Questions

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Aug, 2015

The labor market assessment guide will assist users to analyze employment and workforce development in a given country for project design and policymaking. An introductory narrative will characterize existing frameworks and information useful for a labor market analysis.

Following the introduction, the guide will consist of modules to:

  • Analyze economic, demographic, and policy indicators and trends;
  • Measure and model the supply and demand for skills today and in the future;
  • Map system stakeholders and dynamics;
  • Examine policies that impact the labor market; and
  • Align analysis with target population needs and stakeholder reflections.

Each module will begin with an overview of questions to be addressed, and include data sources, templates for consistent formatting, and tools to enable users to analyze and visualize results. Inputs will necessarily vary by country, so provision of established “rules of thumb” and qualitative approaches that complement quantitative data will be an important part of the guidance offered. For example, the modules will provide approaches for obtaining labor market data from line ministries and national statistical agencies; guidelines for conducting interviews and focus groups; and a tool for validating findings and recommendations with stakeholders.

The guide is designed for use by practitioners and implementers, staff and consultants of USAID and other donors. Additional tools reviewed also include those designed for use by the private sector, local organizations, and national policymakers.

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