CURRICULUM: Introducing LinkedIn to Workforce Training Participants: A Curriculum

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator and RTI International
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Dec, 2016

This curriculum presents an approach for introducing young people to LinkedIn and other digital professional networks, to help them understand the multiple functions of the sites (signaling, networking, labor market information) and develop the habit of using such tools throughout their careers. This curriculum was developed by RTI International and Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator in South Africa and is calibrated for a short training course, such as Harambee’s 8-week training programs, though it could be easily adapted for short or longer training experiences.

The curriculum developers intentionally took a “light touch” approach, with a recommended one-hour introduction to LinkedIn in week 1, followed by seven weekly “nudge” emails that contain short instruction or motivation and related article links or videos. The material spans topics ranging from setting up an account, building a profile, making connections, exploring job openings, and joining industry groups, to reading articles and opinions from one’s future professional field. Trainers also use three 30-minute in-person check-ins, one in each of weeks 2, 5, and 7, to answer questions, provide guidance, and test participants’ knowledge. When the training is complete, the trainers connect with their participants on the site, write them a boiler plate recommendation, and invite them to join a LinkedIn alumni group.

 The Global Center for Youth Employment (GCYE) offers this curriculum now as an open source resource that can be used to introduce LinkedIn to program participants. LinkedIn maintains a micro-site of high quality, professionally produced training materials, to be used in concert with this resource that can be included as presentations or handouts within this structure. An example of a LinkedIn-produced profile “checklist” is provided in Annex A of this document. More information on the LinkedIn materials is available by requesting access to this LinkedIn google drive. LinkedIn plans to develop materials tailored for job seeking populations throughout the developing world in the future.

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