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Child & Youth Finance (CYFI)
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This toolkit is intended to guide you through the initial stages of preparation and planning for celebrating Global Money Week (GMW)in your community. It provides an overview of the Child and Youth Finance Movement, potential activities you can organize, how the Child and Youth Finance International Secretariat can support your efforts, and, most importantly, how to ensure that children and youth in your community participate and learn more about finance and entrepreneurship!Who is this Toolkit for?The Global Money Week Toolkitis applicable for anyone interested in taking part in Global Money Week 2015. Whether you are from an educational institution, financial authority, central bank, stock exchange, NGO, government institution, or community organization, you can play an integral role in advocating for greater economic education and financial inclusion for children and youth.

Getting involved in the Global Money Week festivities is the first step toward improving the lives and opportunities of children and youth within your community and worldwide. What can you learn from this Toolkit? This toolkit provides an overview of the global, web-based activities organized by the CYFI Secretariat, as well as ideas for activities you can plan at local, national and global levels. Also included with this Toolkit is a Print Pack consisting of a variety of printable promotional resources, example letter templates for contacting financial institutions and media, survey forms, pledge sheets and other materials. It is intended to provide further information and ideas on how to engage children, youth, and your broader community in the Global Money Week celebration.

While the activities organized by the CYFI Secretariat are intended to connect children and youth with academics, financial experts and other celebrations around the world, the interactive and engaging local activities are what truly make a difference and insight change. This toolkit is filled with ideas intended to inspire possible events and activities that can be included in your celebrations, but we also wholeheartedly encourage all celebrating countries and organizations to come up with their own activities and events to engage children, youth and their communities, in order to bring about the action needed to reshape finance for the next generation.

Where to find the GMW Toolkit online?

An online version of the GMW Toolkit is available

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Under ‘Resources’ section on the GMW website


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