Let's Try That Again: Creating and Adjusting Youth Programs in Complex and Shifting Humanitarian Settings

Carrie Ellett, Chrystina Russell, Jacques Baeni Mwendabandu
BRAC USA, SNHU's Global Education Movement at Southern New Hampshire University, Vijana Africa
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Oct 4, 2019


Increasing numbers of youth are growing up experiencing disruptions like conflict, forced displacement, disease, and natural disasters, and developing countries bear the brunt of these crises. While trying to address the acute needs of youth in these settings, response efforts often face challenging infrastructure, politics, norms, geography, and restrictions on critical rights, like the right to work for refugee youth -- in a context that can change rapidly and at any time.

To help youth fulfill their potential, there is a critical need for innovative, adaptable approaches. This session will provide insight into humanitarian settings, current approaches to youth programming in crisis, and what the research shows works. In groups, we will then brainstorm creative and nimble solutions for youth economic opportunity for real-life humanitarian settings.

Soft Skills
Adolescent Girls
Community Development
Conflict Area
Conflict Prevention
Men & Boys
Orphans & Vulnerable Children