Breaking Down Barriers to Peace and Prosperity in Malakal South Sudan: War Child Canada's Youth Livelihoods Program

Brett Collins
War Child Canada
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Oct 4, 2019


Livelihoods training and economic support alone do not always prevent youth from becoming involved in violence. Conversely, peace building activities alone do not necessarily come with a guarantee of youth economic opportunities or reduce poverty in communities.

War Child Canada is working to find a way that we can address the need for both peace and prosperity by engaging youth in Malakal, South Sudan in holistic livelihoods programming and working to establish a cadre of youth business leaders from different ethnic backgrounds and communities.

During this session, we will demonstrate how we work in a complex environment by working with youth to address the barriers to peaceful coexistence and provide them with the skills to develop and run small businesses, in an effort to guide them toward financial independence. We will share experiences on how youth engagement in joint business ventures is restoring trust and tolerance and creating strong foundations for peace and reconciliation.



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