The Business of Empowering Women

McKinsey & Company

This paper draws on insights from interviews with more than 50 leaders and experts in the private and social sectors who focus on women’s economic empowerment, as well as a global survey of nearly 2,300 senior private sector executives, soliciting their views on their organizations’ current and prospective involvement in women’s economic empowerment in developing countries and emerging markets. Particular sections of this publication specifically address the need to support and invest in adolescent girl’s growth in education and business training.

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Youth Transitions to Employment and Marriage in Iran: Evidence from the School to Work Transition Survey

MIDDLE EAST YOUTH INITIATIVE, Wolfensohn Center for Development, Dubai School of Government

Iran’s young men and women face serious challenges in their transitions to employment and marriage. We study the factors that affect these transitions using the 2005 School to Work Transition Survey (SWTS). As this survey contains detailed retrospective data of education, employment, and marital outcomes for youth ages 15-29, it provides a new and valuable tool for exploring the challenges facing these youth.

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Youth Economic Opportunities Online Portal

Making Cents International

The Youth Economic Opportunities learning platform is the first community of practice and knowledge exchange portal developed by and for the youth economic opportunities sector. The online portal offers an open and innovative environment for collaborative and dynamic learning and knowledge sharing around the following technical areas and cross-cutting themes: Workforce Development, Financial Services, Enterprise Development, Gender, and Evaluation & Assessment. We are dedicated to: Connecting and sharing knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned; Exchanging the latest resources, jobs, and funding opportunities; and Impacting the world’s 1.8 billion young people.