Regional Overview: Youth in the Arab Region

The United Nations

This fact sheet was done as part of a series of fact sheets to support the International Year of Youth. It gives an overview of the state of youth in the Arab region, including education, employment, health, and participation in decision-making processes. It also includes a summary of the UN approach to youth in the region, as well as national efforts to create youth policies.

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Shooting for the Moon: Good Practices in Local Youth Entrepreneurship Support

OECD LEED, Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance

Very often becoming an entrepreneur is the result of a personal decision making process including assessments of opportunities and their costs (being employed, being unemployed, being one’s own boss), risk-reward relationships (what is at stake), and others. Values, beliefs and behaviours, embedded in the culture of a country and a place, influence this decision.

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Uncorking enterprise: Policymakers are desperate to promote enterprise. A new index could help

The Economist

In this blog, Schumpeter argues that entrepreneurship may be the solution for high youth unemployment around the globe, and especially in the Middle East. 

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Youth Unemployment: Entrepreneurship Development Program as an Intervention Mechanism

Africa Leadership Forum (ALF), Institute for Development Studies

This paper examines the constraints on young Nigerians looking for employment and explores entrepreneurship programs as a potential short-term intervention to reducing these constraints.

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Youth Economic Opportunities Online Portal

Making Cents International

The Youth Economic Opportunities learning platform is the first community of practice and knowledge exchange portal developed by and for the youth economic opportunities sector. The online portal offers an open and innovative environment for collaborative and dynamic learning and knowledge sharing around the following technical areas and cross-cutting themes: Workforce Development, Financial Services, Enterprise Development, Gender, and Evaluation & Assessment. We are dedicated to: Connecting and sharing knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned; Exchanging the latest resources, jobs, and funding opportunities; and Impacting the world’s 1.8 billion young people.