Blueprints for Building Incubation Hubs for Youth Agritech Entrepreneurs: A Co-Creation Session

Restless Development, MasterCard Foundation, Youth Think Tank, Seeds of Peace, Desapoint

What support do young entrepreneurs need to design and adopt technologies for the agrifood industry? The Youth Think Tank, a youth-led research initiative of the Mastercard Foundation and Restless Development, identified challenges facing young people in the agritech sector in 7 African countries. This presentation explores one of the findings - the need for incubation spaces where youth innovators and adopters can share ideas and access information, tools, resources and mentorship.

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Youth Economic Opportunities and Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean: Unpacking the Relationship and Exploring Solutions

Fundacion Espacio Publico, Fundación Capital, El Colegio de México, Canada´s International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Espacio Público, an independent Chilean think tank, with the support and collaboration of IDRC and the IADB, has coordinated a research project on youth education and labor decisions in 9 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Facilitating Youth Success in Context: Using Systemic Approaches to Create Opportunities in the Informal Economy

Global Communities, Overseas Development Institute, Berock Ventures Limited

The construction sector is booming around the world, providing lucrative employment opportunities for young people. However, construction work takes place primarily in the informal sector in many places. How can systems thinking be applied to better prepare youth to take advantage of this growth?

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Does Your Soft Skills Curriculum Measure Up? Research-based Tools for Evaluating Your Soft Skills Curriculum or Creating a New One

World Learning

Soft skills refer to the personal habits that lead to success in both the workforce and in interpersonal relationships. This training workshop demonstrated how to teach soft skills, provide detailed information on which specific soft skills lead to employment, and encourage collaborative learning with other practictioners. Readers are encouraged to develop their own soft skill teaching plan based on the pedagogical principles presented.

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UNICEF’s Global Framework on Skills: From Theory to Practice


Young people are not developing the skills they need to be successful in the workforce. UNICEF proposes that a holistic approach to skill building strengthens youth confidence and has a higher success rate than a static approach. This idea is  demonstrated by UPSHIFT, a flagship UNICEF workshop that teaches marginalized youth the skills necessary to becoming social innovators and entrepreneuers. This presentation establishes UNICEF's research on youth workforce preparedness and provides case studies on the UPSHIFT Program's success in Kosovo and Jordan.

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PYD for CVE: How Youth Workforce Development Can More Actively Build Resiliency to Extremism

RTI International, Human Rights Agenda (HURIA)

Countering violent extremism (CVE) through youth workforce development programming leads youth to become positive change-makers in their communities. The Human Rights Agenda presents a case study from CVE efforts in violent extremism-prone areas in Kenya. Key finding include how unemployment contributes to violent extremism recidivism and the need for non-specific approaches to CVE.

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Hard Skills, Soft Skills, Safe Spaces: WomenStrong International Launches Girls' Club Handbook to Create Stepping Stones for Impoverished Urban Girls

WomenStrong International, Financial Nutrition, Morgan Stanley

Millions of girls are not receiving the necessary financial and techincal education to thrive in the formal economy. WomenStrong Girls' Club Handbook provides educators with evidence based strategies that empower and prepare girls to succeed in the global workforce. This presentation contains samples from the handbook, launched in Fall 2018.

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Opportunities for Girls’ Empowerment through Active Engagement of Men and Boys in Youth-led Clubs

YouthPower Learning
Jun 26, 2018 (09:00am to 10:00am)

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
9 A.M. to 10 A.M. (EDT)

On the day of the event, you can join the webinar here.

Building Peace From Within: The Case of Young South Sudanese

MasterCard Foundation
Despite efforts of host governments and international organizations, displacement is, for those who survive conflict and disasters, a highly traumatic experience, especially for young people. They may feel disenfranchised and resentful and dream of revenge – plotting the conflicts of tomorrow. They run the risk of becoming a “lost generation.”

Growing a Future: Liberian Youth Reflect on Agriculture Livelihoods

Mercy Corps

Over the next few decades, agriculture will continue to be the dominant sector of employment and a vital source of labor for most young people in Africa. Harnessing youth’s potential to participate meaningfully in their food systems, from production to plate, has the potential to increase their productivity and revenues, as well as ensure the resilience and food security of their households.