Introduction to Youth Poverty Alleviation through Tourism and Heritage: Youth PATH: An Education Tool for Sustainable Development


This paper discusses the UNESCO Youth Poverty Alleviation through Tourism and Heritage (Youth PATH) project. The goal of this project is to train youth in poor communities of the Caribbean in the development and documentation of natural and cultural heritage sites to enable these sites to become the center of domestic and/or international tourism and in so doing, develop communities and reduce poverty.

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Education, Youth and Development: UNESCO in Latin America and the Caribbean


The MDGs and the Education for All (EFA) goals are analyzed from the perspective of youth in this paper, which also details the contributions made toward these goals by UNESCO programs and activities. The paper also presents progress achieved and innovative experiences at the country level.

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Youth Economic Opportunities Online Portal

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The Youth Economic Opportunities learning platform is the first community of practice and knowledge exchange portal developed by and for the youth economic opportunities sector. The online portal offers an open and innovative environment for collaborative and dynamic learning and knowledge sharing around the following technical areas and cross-cutting themes: Workforce Development, Financial Services, Enterprise Development, Gender, and Evaluation & Assessment. We are dedicated to: Connecting and sharing knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned; Exchanging the latest resources, jobs, and funding opportunities; and Impacting the world’s 1.8 billion young people.

Five insights from demography that could change your views on financial inclusion

Credit Suisse and Center for Financial Inclusion

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