World Bank Youth Summit 2018: Unleashing the Power of Human Capital

The World Bank
Dec 3, 2018 (All day) to Dec 4, 2018 (All day)

Established in 2013, the Youth Summit is an annual event held by the World Bank Group (WBG) to engage with youth globally on the most pressing topics facing their generation.

Building Awareness, Nurturing Skills, and Closing the Confidence Gap: How to Help Young Women Join and Thrive in the Transportation Sector

Nathan Associates, Inc.; U.S. Department of Transportation; Ministry of Transport, Vietnam

Although transportation supplies 10-25% of jobs around the world, representation of women in the sector typically falls below 20%. Women are far less likely than men to work in each of the major transport modes – road/surface, rail, air, and maritime – and those with jobs tend to fill the few roles traditionally dominated by women. Young women are similarly scarce along career-paths in infrastructure design, construction, and maintenance; transportation technology; and logistics.

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Is It a Good Gig? How Digital Platforms Help Youth Thrive in the Gig Economy

Mercy Corps, Mryati, LinaGAS Inc., Youth Impact Labs, Jordan

In both Jordan and Kenya youth are increasingly propelled into the gig-economy, thereby effectively becoming micro-entrepreneurs. But being an entrepreneur in the gig-economy is no easy feat: it requires skills and knowledge that most youth do not possess.

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Financial Empowerment: A Role for Everyone

IF Consulting, LLC, Bank of Jamaica, Ministry of Education, Youth and Information in Jamaica

This presentation explores the role of key stakeholders in the public and private sector and civil society in the design and implementation of a National Financial Education strategy in Jamaica that will initially target youth, the Jamaican Financial Empowerment Programme (JFEP). Participants will hear from key stakeholders from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information in Jamaica and the Bank of Jamaica about the enabling policy environment and infrastructure for JFEP.

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Beyond Employer Engagement: How to Meaningfully Involve Industry in Identifying a Skills Mismatch and Aligning Curricula for Entry-level Positions

International Youth Foundation, Cisco Latin America, FedEx Express Mexico

The demand for workers in a changing world of work is continuously evolving. More than ever, schools and employment programs need to be able to detect skills needs from industry in an iterative fashion to ensure they are preparing young people for the jobs of today and the future. Businesses have an important role to play in this process and are often engaged through participation in advisory committees or offering internships/apprenticeships.

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Enabling the Enabling Environment: Fostering Adult and Peer Relationships to Support Youth Development

Save the Children, FHI 360, Search Institute

Youth succeed when they have adequate support systems in place that encourage socioeconomic success. The enabling environment refers to the people in a child's life that model the key skills for success later in life. How can parents, mentors, teachers and employeers interact with youth without stifiling individual development?

Search Institute establishes a framework for influential figures in a child's life, while Save the Children and FHI360 demonstate how this framework can be practically applied.

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Hard Skills, Soft Skills, Safe Spaces: WomenStrong International Launches Girls' Club Handbook to Create Stepping Stones for Impoverished Urban Girls

WomenStrong International, Financial Nutrition, Morgan Stanley

Millions of girls are not receiving the necessary financial and techincal education to thrive in the formal economy. WomenStrong Girls' Club Handbook provides educators with evidence based strategies that empower and prepare girls to succeed in the global workforce. This presentation contains samples from the handbook, launched in Fall 2018.

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Western Balkans Labor Market Trends 2018

World Bank Group, Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies

Executive Summary

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AWARD: 2018 Zambezi Prize for Innovation in Financial Inclusion

MIT and Mastercard Foundation

Applications Open to Find Africa’s Most Innovative Start-ups Meeting the Greatest Financial Inclusion Challenges