Making TVET Providers Accountable: Ten Years of Hard Lessons at MCC

Ryan A Moore, Marcel Ricou
Millennium Challenge Corporation
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Oct 4, 2019


This session will launch the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s latest Principles into Practice paper on our lessons learned in TVET.


The session will explore the disappointing results and hard lessons learned from independent evaluations of MCC’s “First Generation” of TVET programs in El Salvador, Mongolia, and Namibia. These programs delivered most of the outputs targeted – like the number of facilities renovated and equipped – but failed to have convincing impacts on trainees’ employment or incomes.


While it has become cliché that TVET must engage the private sector, the presenters will argue that the key missing link is that TVET providers need to have grass-roots level accountability links to employers and ultimately, that we should be judging success not only by trainees getting and keeping jobs but also by firms becoming more productive based on a workforce more responsive to ever-changing economic needs.


As we hold a mirror up to our own experience, specific lessons learned will be shared to improve our own practice and to inform the broader community.

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