Mental Health Programming: Best Practices from Sport for Development

Youth Economic Opportunities Network


Over the past three years, several top mental health NGO’s began to collaborate with international agencies, researchers, and other programs to establish best practices in supporting adolescent mental health in at-risk communities. In this webinar they hope to introduce how they equip community mentors with facilitation skills and curriculum resources to deliver evidence-based mind-body therapy programmes. Mind Power aims to improve mental health of vulnerable populations with high exposure to trauma and limited access to mental health services, including communities in conflict and post-conflict settings. Participants can expect to gain insight into and learn more about:

1. Global context of Mental Health

2. Key lessons from collaborating across the Sport for Development sector and beyond to benchmark Mental Health Best Practices

3. What your program can do

4. How to get more support

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Bonnie Politz, Independent, Youth & Community Strategy Consultant


Chris Barkley, Director of Development & Strategy, Grassroot Soccer

Tim Conibear, Founding Director, Waves for Change

Melreen Devilliers, Peer Youth Researcher, Waves for Change

Jeff DeCelles, Technical Advisor on Research & Curriculum, Grassroot Soccer

Matt Mattila, Global Director, Waves for Change


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