Compare and Contrast: Youth Violence & Resilience in Honduras and North East Africa

EDC, The Wilson Center, USAID, and WOLA. Co-sponsored by George Washington University
Jun 22, 2015 (03:30am to 05:00am)

Very little research and programming exists on the resilience of young people in North America, much less in other regions. Little attempt has been made to compare and contrast youth resilience in various regions, for the purpose of sharing experiences and lessons learned.

At this session, EDC will present findings on youth violence and resilience from their recent study conducted in Honduras and Northern Kenya using the Child and Youth Resilience Measure (CYRM-28).

Five Things Any Youth Savings Program Needs

Women's World Banking

Originally posted by CGAP on May 20, 2015.

Promoting formal employment among youth: innovative experiences in Latin America and the Caribbean

International Labour Organization

The Latin American and Caribbean region faces the daunting challenge of creating decent work opportunities for youth. Currently, the region has some 108 million people aged 15 to 24. Just over half of them are employed.

When youth begin their working lives, they must first overcome the high unemployment rate, which is two to four times higher than that of adults in the Region. All too often, young people go out in search of work only to return home discouraged.

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Crossing Borders and Narrowing Gaps


Originally published by USAID on April 10, 2015. 

How volunteers from the Jamaican diaspora community are tackling unemployment and helping youth in Jamaica become entrepreneurs.

“Life was the same old same old and not full of opportunities. Since leaving secondary school, I have been struggling to get a job,” said 20-year-old Jovan Ottey.

Unfortunately, Ottey’s situation is common, as so many other young people his age struggle every day to find work in Jamaica.

Talent Cloud Request for Applications (RFA)

Closing Date:

Apr 12, 2015

Workforce Connections (WC) is establishing a professional development program called the Talent Cloud. The Talent Cloud is an initiative that targets professionals working in development, specifically on the global youth employment problem. The objective of the platform is to equip workforce development professionals with technical and field knowledge, opportunities to collaborate with like-minded peers, and provide access to experts and resources.

Can Youth Employment Reduce Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean? A Panel Discussion

USAID Workforce Connections
Mar 25, 2015 (02:00am to 03:30am)

Join the Workforce Connections Community of Practice as we discuss two of the main issues facing young people in Latin America and the Caribbean, employment opportunities and violence reduction. 

Policy in Focus: Youth and Employment in the BRICS

The International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth: United Nations Development Programme
The issue is dedicated to the analysis of the usage of social programs to promote youth employment in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries. The 2014 BRICS Academic Forum officially transferred the responsibilities of host country, South Africa to Brazil, providing an impetus to understand how the BRICS countries have made use of their extensive expertise in social policies and programs to go beyond mitigation of crisis, towards the realization of young people’s ambitions.
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Job Creation and Local Economic Development

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development LEED Program

This publication highlights new evidence on policies to support job creation, bringing together the latest research on labour market, entrepreneurship and local economic development policy to help governments support job creation in the recovery. It  also includes  a set of country pages featuring, among other things, new data on skills supply and demand at the level of smaller OECD regions (TL3).

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Present Your Project: Open Call!

FHI 360
Feb 25, 2015 (02:00pm to 04:00pm)

Beginning this February, FHI 360 will offer practitioners the opportunity to present projects for feature at a USAID officer training: Workforce Development for Youth Employment: Program Design for Latin America and the Caribbean. Over the past year, Workforce Connections has developed and delivered two 3-day trainings for USAID officers from missions around the world.