Connected Worker: How mobile technology can improve working life in emerging economies

Vodafone, Accenture

This report sets out to build on this exciting innovation and demonstrate how mobile technology can help to improve lives in emerging markets by looking at six opportunities to create shared value for workers and organisations.

Note: Statistics regarding Youth Unemployment can be found on pages 8-10 of this report.

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Mobile Services for Youth Employment

GSMA, Alcatel-Lucent

From GSMA and Alcatel-Lucent. This global study was undertaken to understand the challenges and needs of youth overcoming employment obstacles. It addresses how mobile services could play a key role in combating the problems and providing solutions.

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Scaling Mobile Employment Services: A Stakeholder Perspective – Increasing opportunities for youth through mobile

GSMA Mobile for Employment

The Mobile for Employment programme held a workshop on the topic of ‘Youth, Mobile and  Employment’ in Kigali, Rwanda on 28th January 2014. This report highlights the key findings of the workshop along with a review of the employment market in Rwanda. It discusses the commercial and operational considerations for all stakeholders and introduces possible business models along with recommendations to accelerate MNO market entry and participation in this sector in a meaningful and value-adding role.

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How Can mEmployment Improve Youth Opportunities in Africa?

GSMA Mobile for Development
Jun 12, 2014 (08:30am to 11:00am)

Mobile technology is growing in Africa: the number of mobile connections has risen to 824 million in 2014, an almost 75% market penetration).

Public and private innovators are leveraging this near ubiquity of mobile technology to address youth employment and issues. By providing services to match labour supply and demand, these pioneers are helping to bridge some of these gaps.

How can mEmployment solutions scale?

Youth Development Network Meeting

Jun 19, 2014 (09:00am to 11:00am)

Want to work with other youth allies around the county to support coalition building, professional development, networking & resource-sharing among school-age children and youth advocates? Join the Youth Development Network, a fun, creative & productive group of professionals who inform and oversee SOAR’s the youth-related coalition work.

This coalition:

Youth Work Matters Online

University of Minnesota
Jan 12, 2015 (10:30am) to Feb 15, 2015 (10:30am)

The Youth Work Matters Online course takes an in-depth exploration into the foundational research and theories of positive youth development. It allows participants to interact with other youth development professionals from around the state, region and nation! Activities include synchronized group time and individual exploration.

DigiGirlz High Tech Camp

Aug 4, 2014 (08:00am) to Aug 8, 2014 (04:30pm)

Microsoft is proud to offer technology programs specifically for youth. One of our signature programs, DigiGirlz High Tech Camp for girls, works to dispel stereotypes of the high-tech industry. We continue to look for opportunities to give young people a chance to experience, firsthand, what it is like to develop cutting-edge technology.

InterAction Forum 2014

InterAction, AIYD
Jun 10, 2014 (09:30am) to Jun 13, 2014 (05:30pm)

Taking place from June 10-13, 2014.

60 Second International Film Festival

May 29, 2014 (01:00pm to 02:30pm)

On Thursday, May 29th, the U.S. Institute of Peace will host Abrar Hassan, creator of the 60 Second International Film Festival. The Festival is a global film competition for films that can convey a strong social message in 60 seconds. The competition started in Pakistan in 2012 and quickly attracted interest from other countries and went viral on social media globally. Today it is a unique way for young people in conflict societies to communicate their views on a single platform, through the powerful medium of short, 60-second films.

Higher Education and the World of Work

May 21, 2014 (10:00am to 11:30am)

How do students gain formal work experience during their post-secondary experience before making the transition to formal employment? What are best practices for gaining work experience that prepare students with the soft and hard skills needed to be successful in their professional lives? Join us for a conversation with experts to discuss best practices and lessons learned from current models from around the globe.


Joyce Warner, Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff, IREX