Youth Entrepreneurship: Beyond Collateral

Youth Business International

This article makes the case that nonfinancial support should be recognized as an alternative to traditional types of collateral and guarantee to expand access to startup capital for young entrepreneurs.

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Stabilization of Youth Through Providing Employment Opportunities (RISEN)


The project sought to provide viable employment opportunities to unemployed, conflict affected youth whilst encouraging leading national employers to expand industry into the North.


Strengthening the Youth Development/After-School Workforce: Lessons Learned and Implications for Funders.

The Next Generation Youth Work Coalition

This paper provides a brief summary of what is known about youth workers, why investments in this workforce matter, and what funders can do to spark and support these investments. The authors set the stage for discussions about how funders can support workforce development through strengthening and expanding youth development programs and systems.

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El Salvador Access to Employment (ESEN) aka Joven360

Carana Corp

This project will bridge the gap between the country's labor supply and private sector demand. Through partnerships with public agencies, private businesses and organizations, the project will create alliances with key employers, training institutions, pivotal public agencies and NGOs to improve occupational training programs, establish consumer/employer-based employment information system and career counseling initiatives. Likely industries include aeronautics, energy, construction, software development, logistics, tourism and ICT.

Youth Employment Network Marketplace

Youth Emplyment Network

The overall goal of the Marketplace website is to globally reduce unemployment and underemployment among youth. We aim to do this by providing an online space where youth employment stakeholders and young entrepreneurs can come to find or exchange innovative ideas, expertise, advice and partnership. The Marketplace is the centralized location from which YEN carries out its partnership brokering and information exchange activities.

Behind the Scenes

Fact Sheet: Youth as a Smart Investment

World Bank Group

This fact sheet is part of a collaborative effort of the Inter-Agency Network for Youth Development, coordinated by
the United Nations Programme on Youth. It was done as part of a series of fact sheets to support the International
Year of Youth. It provides an overview of why investing in youth should be a concern, as well as UN commentary
on the issue.

Youth and Employment in Post-Conflict Countries: The Psycho-Social Dimension

Human Development Network, The World Bank

Youth in at-conflict countries have often been involved both as victims and perpetrators of violence, responding to war and its effects in different ways. Not all individuals directly affected by conflict will develop long-term stress-related symptoms. However, those who do may be greatly and possibly even permanently affected, which limits the ability to find and keep a job. In turn, productive employment may contribute to the recovery of affected individuals and reduce the likelihood of their being drawn into future violence, thereby contributing to stability and peace building.

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Global Employment Trends for Youth 2012

International Labour Organization

Incorporating the most recent labour market information available, Global Employment Trends for Youth 2012 sets out the youth labour market situation around the world. It shows where progress has or has not been made, updates world and regional youth labour market indicators and gives detailed analyses of medium-term trends in youth population, labour force, employment and unemployment.

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Global Employment Trends for Youth: 2011 Update

International Labour Organization (ILO)

In August 2010, the ILO published the Global Employment Trends for Youth: Special issue on the impact of the global economic crisis on youth [GET Youth 2010]. The report presented an analysis of the latest available world and regional aggregates of key labour market indicators for young people aged 15 to 24 years, with a specific focus on how young people fared in the face of the recent global economic crisis. It highlighted the following trends:

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Regional Overview: Youth in Africa

The United Nations

This fact sheet was done as part of a series of fact sheets to support the International Year of Youth. It gives an overview of the state of youth in Africa, including education, employment, health, and participation in decisionmaking processes. It also includes a summary of the UN approach to youth in the region, as well as national efforts to create youth policies.

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