5th Global Entrepreneurship Summit (Marrakech, Morocco)

Kingdom of Morocco, The White House
Nov 19, 2014 (All day) to Nov 21, 2014 (All day)

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit was launch by President Barack Obama in 2009 as a global platform to "empower entrepreneurs with the skills and resources necessary to compete and thrive in the 21st century.

Recognising the Economic Contribution of Women Isn't Feminism, It's Fact

Making Cents International

Many development programs do not sufficiently factor in gender. Here’s how to do things differently.

Despite the role that girls and women play in driving economic growth being widely acknowledged, it seems in practice, development programmers haven’t kept pace.

Case Study: Shared Value and Socially Inclusive Hospitality in Jamaica

Inter-American Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank partnered with public and private entities in Jamaica to build a new business hotel in the heart of Kingston. Through a shared value approach, the project surfaced employment for women-led SMEs and youth-at-risk. The objective of the project is for the Marriot to hire 5 percent of its labor force from local youth-at-risk as well as source fresh goods from up to 20 local SMEs, preferably women. While increasing the hotel's reputation, trust within the community will be built.

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Case Study

Money, Sex and Violence: Findings from a Girls Saving Program in East Africa

Population Council

What is the relationship between economic asset building and sexual exploitation? Do you know how your economic strenghtening programs are affecting girls' sexual and physical safety?

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Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning

Population Council

Adolescent girls and young women in urban slum areas in developing countries face a myriad of challenges regarding education, sexual health, livelihoods and gender-based violence. One way of understanding how these challenges interact with each other is through the Asset Building Framework, which posits that girls need a combination of social, health and economic assets in order to make a healthy transition from childhood to adulthood. This study sought to examine barriers and facilitators to health behaviour change and economic activity for girls within the context of this framework.

Children and Youth Services Review

Population Council

For adolescent girls in Sub-Saharan Africa, social isolation and economic vulnerability are critical problems that prevent a healthy transition from girlhood into womanhood. This study examines the effect of a multi-dimensional intervention on social, health and economic assets, as well as experiences of sexual harassment, among vulnerable adolescent girls aged 10–19 living in the low income areas of Kampala, Uganda. The study compares two treatment groups to a comparison group.

Investing in Afghanistan’s Women and Girls

Mercy Corps

This report presents a background and recent successes of Mercy Corps' INVEST Program in Afghanistan. In the Helmand province of Afghanistan, education and employment opportunities for women are rare. The INVEST Program seeks to increase market-driven knowledge and skills for youth in Helmand.

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Informal is the New Normal:Engaging Youth in Informal, Fragile Economies

Mercy Corps, International Rescue Committee, Plan International

This presentation focused on how engaging young women in conflict and post-conflict environments, as well as unpredictable economies, requires tailored and nuanced interventions. Each panelist shared transferable guidance on how young women can find safe and steady economic opportunities in these economies.

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Understanding the Technology Skills Training Landscape: Framework and Tool

Making Cents International

Microsoft and Making Cents collaborated to offer this framework to support development of a common language and greater understanding of the unique role that each stakeholder can play in the youth workforce development field. Our hope is that they will contribute to greater cooperation, joint projects and increased youth economic opportunities created by information and communication technologies.

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