Children and Change 2011: Children and Enterprise


This annual report focuses on the theme of enterprise, and attempts to document the different ways that enterprise has been integrated in ten of Aflatoun’s programs. The cases show that enterprise is flexible and not prescriptive, and that it can be adapted to meet organizational needs and demands.

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A Ganar

Partners of the Americas

Led by Partners of the Americas, A Ganar (Vencer in Brazil) is a youth workforce development program wrapped up in a soccer ball. By utilizing soccer and other team sports to help youth in Latin America, ages 16-24, find jobs, learn entrepreneurial skills, or re-enter the formal education system, A Ganar combats the serious problem of youth unemployment.


Ruwwad: The Palestinian Youth Empowerment Program

Education Development Center (EDC)

Ruwwad (an EQUIP3 Associate Award), taken from the Arabic word for "pioneers," is a ground-breaking program created by Palestinians, for Palestinians. Its mission is to empower Palestinian youth and the adults who serve them, so that both groups can become strong local leaders and change-makers. Since 2005, Ruwwad has been planned, designed, and implemented "by youth, for youth," with a focus on positive leadership development for young women and men ages 14 to 30.

Video Interview with Mohamed S. Al-Lai, Al Amal Microfinance Bank, Yemen

Making Cents International

Founder and CEO of Al-Amal Microfinance Bank, Mohamed s. Al-Lai provides a brief overview of the bank, the first in the region to target women and children with savings and loan products. Mohamed addresses identification and collateral challenges the bank had to overcome working with women and youth. Special consideration is given to challenges overcome within the bank, such as youth-training and a redefinition of the notion of risk.

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Introduction to Youth Poverty Alleviation through Tourism and Heritage: Youth PATH: An Education Tool for Sustainable Development


This paper discusses the UNESCO Youth Poverty Alleviation through Tourism and Heritage (Youth PATH) project. The goal of this project is to train youth in poor communities of the Caribbean in the development and documentation of natural and cultural heritage sites to enable these sites to become the center of domestic and/or international tourism and in so doing, develop communities and reduce poverty.

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Intentions to Participate in Adolescent Training Programs: Evidence from Uganda

London School of Economics, World Bank Group, University College London

In this paper, the authors analyze factors that contribute or detract from adolescent girls’ intention to participate in training programs in Uganda. The authors focus on BRAC’s Adolescent Development Program, which emphasizes the provision of life skills, entrepreneurship training, and microfinance.

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Financial Education for Urban Youth: The First Step to Poverty Eradication

Global Learn Asia Pacific

This paper discusses the impact of a workshop titled Finance for Youth: Financial Liberty through Financial Literacy, given under the UNESCO Participation Program for Biennium 2008-2009.The workshop was designed to empower a group of 33 youth from targeted low-income families in Malaysia

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Youth Unemployment: Entrepreneurship Development Program as an Intervention Mechanism

Africa Leadership Forum (ALF), Institute for Development Studies

This paper examines the constraints on young Nigerians looking for employment and explores entrepreneurship programs as a potential short-term intervention to reducing these constraints.

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Technical and Vocational Education and Training: A Study of Promising Models in International Development

Educational Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP3)

This paper examines four approaches to technical and vocational education and training used by USAID in South Africa, Indonesia, Georgia, and Morocco between 2007 and 2012 and is based on a 2010 desk review. This review examines how the four programs perform according to nine elements of highly effective workforce development and technical and vocational education and training systems.

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Striving for Better Jobs: The Challenge of Informality in the Middle East and North Africa Region.

The World Bank Group

This Quick Note provides an overview of the World Bank report “Striving for Better Jobs: the Challenge of Informality in the Middle East and Africa”. It looks at the hopes of Arab youth during the spring revolution and the current economic situation by focusing on informal employment at a human development angle.

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