Investing in Young People 2013

Financial Times

Governments and business are coming to realize that educating future workers and consumers is critical for global stability.  Check out this special report from Financial Times on the benefits of investing in young people.

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The Commonwealth Conference on Education and Training of Youth Workers

The Commonwealth Secretariat in partnership with the Government of the Republic of South Africa
Mar 18, 2013 (All day) to Mar 20, 2013 (All day)

The Commonwealth Conference on Education and Training of Youth Workers (CCETYW 2013) has been organised by The Commonwealth Secretariat in partnership with the Government of the Republic of South Africa with an aim of bringing together Youth Development Practitioners from across the commonwealth for the 1st time ever. The delegates are drawn from youth development networks in Governments, NGOs youth workers associations and Youth Development agencies.

Democracy that Delivers for Entrepreneurs: Building Strong and Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Center for International Private Enterprise
Apr 9, 2013 (All day) to Apr 10, 2013 (All day)

In order to capture successful approaches to building strong, inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems that help democracies deliver for all segments of the population, the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) will organize a two-day international conference in Chicago, IL on April 9-10, 2013. It will focus on the following key themes:

USAID and Youth Economic Opportunities


USAID and Youth Economic Opportunities was presented under the Plenary Panel: How Can You Partner with Funder at the 2012 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference. USAID discusses their funding priorities, how you can partner with them, and the challenges they are addressing with their funding approaches.

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What is youth-led programming? How can it enhance economic programs for youth?

Mercy Corps

USAID recently released a groundbreaking policy on Youth in Development. One of the primary themes focused on the importance of youth engagement, which includes incorporating perspectives and voices of young people in each element of program planning. Though the policy was the first of its kind, this thinking is not new to the youth space.

Getting Serious about Youth Participation in Development

RTI International

Giving youth real decision-making power and leadership roles in development processes and programs is a challenge in practice. We know from both our practice and research efforts that effective youth development needs to put meaningful youth participation at the forefront. RTI International’s experience in working with youth globally in education, employment, health, and governance for the past 30 years informs our strategy in viewing youth as key partners in solving global development challenges. With that in mind, we, along with other members of the Alliance for International Youth Development (AIYD), strongly support the new USAID Youth in Development Policy released in early November.

Video: Elisabeth Rhyne on Changing Demography and Financial Inclusion

Center for Financial Inclusion

CFI's recent work on demography is part of the Financial Inclusion 2020 project, which explores what the next decade will bring in terms of progress on financial inclusion and ultimately asks: could we achieve financial inclusion by the end of the decade? According to Rhyne, one of the inexorable forces that is going to shape financial inclusion over the next decade is population change in developing countries.

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Youth Employment Mexico

Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud

Youth Employment Mexico was presented by Miguel Ángel Carreón at the keynote address of the 2012 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference. In his address, Carreón discusses what the Mexican Government has done in order to address the youth unemployment issue.

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Youth and skills: Putting education to work


With just three years to go until the deadline for the Education for All goals that were set in Dakar, Senegal, it is vitally urgent to ensure that the collective commitments made by 164 countries in 2000 are met. Lessons also need to be drawn to inform the definition of future international education goals and the design of mechanisms to make sure that all partners live up to their promises.

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Promoting Youth Employment in Africa

African Economic Outlook (AEO)

This online resources takes a deep-dive look into youth employment in Africa

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