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My name is Jules Ndahayo and I have been the CEO of a Rwandan Credit union network since its inception in 2005, which is now being transformed into a microfinance company called “UMUTANGUHA Finance” (UF Ltd) to better serve its clientele. Over this time, I am proud to have witnessed how our member base grew to 59,000 depositors and 3,200 borrowers, with a strong focus on vulnerable and low income people. Sometimes people ask me where is UCU’s business case for serving youth.

The “Poverty Stoplight” Approach to Eliminating Multidimensional Poverty: Business, Civil Society, and Government Working Together in Paraguay

Making Cents International

Martin Burt´s article on The “Poverty Stoplight” Approach to Eliminating Multidimensional Poverty:  Business, Civil Society, and Government Working Together in Paraguay describes a practical methodology recently developed by Fundación Paraguaya. The tool allows poor families to self-diagnose their level of poverty as a first step in developing a personalized strategy to lift themselves permanently out of poverty.

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Making Cents International’s 2013 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference Program and “State of the Field” Publication Now Available

Making Cents International

The 2013 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference program is now available for you to review.  The 2013 event will contain two Spotlights: "Opportunities for Rural Youth"focuses on how to support youth in rural areas. "Power of Technology" showcases how to utilize technology in your programming. The conference will take place September 10-12, 2013 in Washington, DC. Click here to view the interactive program. The 2013 “State of the Field” Publication is also available online. Click here to access the latest publication. 

Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference

Making Cents International's Collaborative Learning and Action
Sep 10, 2013 (All day) to Sep 12, 2013 (All day)

The annual Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference is the premier learning event for practitioners, policy-makers, funders, private sector companies, technical assistance providers, researchers, educators, government representatives, and youth leaders working to increase economic opportunities for young people.


The Youth Employment Crisis: A call for action


This call for action and resolution issued by the ILO succinctly states the dire circumstances facing global youth. Noting that nearly 75 million young people are out of work, 6 million gave up looking for work, and recognizing the long-term effects of youth unemployment and underemployment, the ILO issued this call for action in 2012.

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A New Middle East: Investing Where it Matters Most

Global Communities (CHF)

How do we redefine investment in the Middle East? Political and and social changes in MENA offer a multitude of opportunities to address economic disparity and lack of opportunity, but those change must begin with investing in youth, to grow and create jobs for future generations. Moreover, creating enabling political, legal, and business environments will better address youth needs and increase financing. Following these suggestions, argues CHF, will create more opportunities for the entire populatio

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Are Youth-Inclusive Financial Services in MENA a Driver of Financial inclusion?

Making Cents International

In a mid-March Youth Financial Inclusion Workshop for the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region, organized by Silatech and CGAP, participants debated how to respond to staggeringly low financial inclusion among youth ages 15-24, a population that hold financial accounts at less than half the rate of the developing economy average. Discussion centered on the value of efforts to expand and target youth access. Tim Nourse, of Making Cents International, shared the emerging recommendations that respond to the debate.

Looking Through the Demographic Window: Implications for Financial Inclusion

Center for Financial Inclusion

This report is the first from Financial Inclusion 2020's Mapping the Invisible Market project, which examines major trends that are instrumental in the world achieving full financial inclusion by the year 2020.  The report discusses how many developing countries are entering a period called "the Demographic Window," which presents a unique opportunity for economic development, but requires the right policies in place to improve labor productivity and prepare for an aging population as countries shift out of the "window" period later on.

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Global Employment Trends 2013: Recovering from a Second Jobs Dip

International Labour Organization

Five years after the outbreak of the global financial crisis, the study offers the latest global and regional information and projections on several indicators of the labour market, including employment, unemployment, working poverty and vulnerable employment. It also presents a number of policy considerations in light of the new challenges facing policy makers in the coming year.

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