Entrepreneurship Program

Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice & Helpcentre (B'Yeah)

Many of the youths of Bangladesh have the potential to become entrepreneurs; yet very few do so, to a large extent due to a lack of a supportive environment for promoting entrepreneurial efforts of newcomers without experience or capital in Bangladesh. B’YEAH partners with major youth based organizations such The Hunger Project, NFYOB to reach out to these disadvantaged youths to promote sustainable young entrepreneurship as an alternative to paid employment.

Advice Line

Enterprise Network for Young Australians (ENYA)


ENYA runs a toll free advice line service for young people who need information on issues effecting youth enterprise. So, if you need advice on establishing a business or being in business please call 1300 136 921 and select OPTION 3 or email [email protected]

Youth Business International (YBI)

YBI's Network

Network: Youth Business International is a global network of independent non-profit initiatives helping young people to start and grow their own business and create employment. HRH The Prince of Wales is our President. 

YBI members assist under-served young entrepreneurs with a combination of training, access to capital, mentoring and other business development services.

They adapt this common approach to their local context, working in partnership with governments, businesses and multilateral and civil society organisations.

Youth Challenge International (YCI)

Taking it Global

What’s Your Issue? What Are You Going To Do About It?Youth Challenge International (YCI), one of Canada’s leading youth development organizations, is launching a Global Action Grant program for Canadian Youth aged 18-35 interested in creating innovative solutions to youth issues in development. Three $500 grants will be awarded to young people from across Canada to fund micro-projects that raise awareness about development issues at home (here) in Canada.

Youth Business Russia Program

OxFam International

In Russia, 60 million people are unable to access financial services due to inadequate infrastructure and severe administrative barriers. This means that it’s very difficult for people to get a loan to start a business, or to get more support as their business develops.

Growth and Employment: Visions at Work

Africa Commission

The Africa Commission presents a progress report on the work that has been done by the Africa Commission to realize its goals to focus their development agenda towards Africa with the creation of decent jobs for the growing African youth population, as described in its ‘Copenhagen Statement’. This report also includes a number of key-note articles by commissioners and other prominent persons on matters of concern to Africa and the Africa Commission, as well as shorter articles sharing some relevant experience and lessons learned.

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Lessons from SEED: A National Demonstration of Child Development Accounts

Washington University, Center for Social Development

Saving for Education, Entrepreneurship, and Downpayment (SEED) is a policy, practice, research, communication, and
market development initiative designed to test the efficacy of, and inform policy for, a national system of savings
and asset-building accounts for children and youth in the United States. SEED is implementing and studying
inclusive saving in the form of Child Development Accounts (CDAs), established as early as birth and ideally
lasting across the full life course for all Americans. This summary report on SEED is based on CDA experience
with over 1,171 children and their families in 12 states and communities.

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The Garissa Youth Project (G-Youth)

Education Development Center (EDC)

The Garissa Youth Project (G-Youth) is designed to create enabling environments that empower youth in different ways through a youth-owned, youth-led model.  The project supports youth in designing and managing initiatives that improve economic and social opportunities for themselves and their communities, enables increased numbers of Garissan youth to have greater access to livelihood opportunities and the world of work, increases youth retention and transition to secondar

Skills and Knowledge for Youth Employment (SKYE) Guyana

Education Development Center (EDC)

The Skills and Knowledge for Youth Employment (SKYE) project in seeks to strengthen youth’s access to justice and equip youth with market-driven skills and attitudes to improve their ability to transition to the workforce. SKYE will target a total of approximately 600 youth beneficiaries who do not have the necessary education, skills and behaviors for integration into the workforce; many will be school dropouts and/or involved in the juvenile justice system.

Ruwwad: The Palestinian Youth Empowerment Program

Education Development Center (EDC)

Ruwwad (an EQUIP3 Associate Award), taken from the Arabic word for "pioneers," is a ground-breaking program created by Palestinians, for Palestinians. Its mission is to empower Palestinian youth and the adults who serve them, so that both groups can become strong local leaders and change-makers. Since 2005, Ruwwad has been planned, designed, and implemented "by youth, for youth," with a focus on positive leadership development for young women and men ages 14 to 30.