Skills and Knowledge for Youth Employment (SKYE) Guyana

Education Development Center (EDC)

The Skills and Knowledge for Youth Employment (SKYE) project in seeks to strengthen youth’s access to justice and equip youth with market-driven skills and attitudes to improve their ability to transition to the workforce. SKYE will target a total of approximately 600 youth beneficiaries who do not have the necessary education, skills and behaviors for integration into the workforce; many will be school dropouts and/or involved in the juvenile justice system.

Ruwwad: The Palestinian Youth Empowerment Program

Education Development Center (EDC)

Ruwwad (an EQUIP3 Associate Award), taken from the Arabic word for "pioneers," is a ground-breaking program created by Palestinians, for Palestinians. Its mission is to empower Palestinian youth and the adults who serve them, so that both groups can become strong local leaders and change-makers. Since 2005, Ruwwad has been planned, designed, and implemented "by youth, for youth," with a focus on positive leadership development for young women and men ages 14 to 30.


International Youth Foundation (IYF)

Mali Support to Youth Entrepreneurs Project, PAJE-Nièta

Education Development Center (EDC)

PAJE-Nièta (Projet d’Appui aux Jeunes Entrepreneurs or Support to Youth Entrepreneurs Project) is a five-year youth development initiative funded by USAID/Mali’s Basic Education and Accelerated Economic Growth divisions. The project works to provide 10,000 rural, out-of-school youth with improved basic education, work readiness and technical training, social and leadership development, and accompaniment towards livelihood activities. Nièta means "progress" in Bambara, a Malian language.

Social Entrepreneurship in the Middle East: Toward Sustainable Development for the Next Generation

Middle East Youth Initiative

This report explores the pressure the “youth bulge” in the Middle East is putting on educational systems, labor markets, health care, natural resources, and infrastructure. It also outlines a social entrepreneurship model, which the authors of this report believe could be the model to address the multi-sectoral challenges young people in the Middle East face.

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Tijara Provincial Economic Growth Program-Iraqi Youth Initiative

Louis Berger Group

The Iraqi Youth Initiative is a new private sector initiative designed by the U.S. Agency for International Development to create employment opportunities for young Iraqis was initiated this week by the USAID-Tijara Provincial Economic Growth Program. The project hopes to expose young Iraqis living in underserved or impoverished areas to essential business skills and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Video Interview with Kimanthi Mutua, K-REP Group, Kenya.

Making Cents International

CEO of the K-Rep Group, Kimanthi Mutua, discusses the two youth financial products offered: Youth Enterprise Support for new entrant entrepreneurs in Kenya aged 18-35, and Go Girl, which provides savings accounts to vulnerable adolescent girls as a means to develop financial knowledge and discipline.

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Make Mine a Million $ Business

Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence

Make Mine a Million $ Business is an initative of Count Me in For Women's Economic Independence. Where boldly creative women help each other turn their dreams into reality. Our mission is to ignite a national movement  that drives economic growth for your business and your country.

Empowerment and Livelihoods for Adolescent Girls


The Empowerment and Livelihood for Adolescents (ELA) programme started in 2008 and is already making a difference in the lives of vulnerable Ugandan teenage girls and young women. Organised into 690 clubs for 13 to 22 year olds, the programme provides a safe place for them to socialise and take part in group activities as well as a forum for life-skills training. Many of the older members who are out of school have taken training in income-generating skills. Near the end of 2009, some began receiving microfinance loans and have launched their own businesses.

Youth Entrepreneurship: Beyond Collateral

Youth Business International

This article makes the case that nonfinancial support should be recognized as an alternative to traditional types of collateral and guarantee to expand access to startup capital for young entrepreneurs.

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