Video: Poonam Ahluwalia (Youth Employment Summit) on market access for youth

Youth Employment Summit

Following her participation in the plenary session, "Changemakers at Work," during the the Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference, Poonam Ahluwalia, President of Youth Employment Summit and founder of YouthTrade, spoke with Microlinks about her extensive work with youth. In 2002, the Youth Employment Summit launched a decade-long campaign of action that concludes this year, creating 55 country networks to organize almost 400 projects all over the world.

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Promoting Youth Employment in Africa

African Economic Outlook (AEO)

This online resources takes a deep-dive look into youth employment in Africa

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Private Sector Toolkit for Working with Youth

Restless Development, UN Programme on Youth

This toolkit explores cooperation between youth and the private sector, both in principle and in practice, in order to:

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YEN Marketplace announces "Ask an Entrepreneur" Webinar Series

YEN Marketplace

YEN is launching the "Ask an Entrepreneur" webinar series aimed at young people who are starting up or are thinking about starting a business. It is a chance to speak with a phenomenal line up of young entrepreneurs who have built successful companies and have valuable experiences to share. Over the next 5 weeks, every Wednesday at 09:00 EST, we will showcase one young entrepreneur who will focus on a particular theme.

Youth in Development: Realizing the Demographic Opportunity


This Policy on Youth in Development is the first of its kind for USAID. It is both timely and necessary as more than half of the world’s population today is under the age of 30, with the vast majority living in the developing world.As Secretary Clinton said in Tunisia in February 2012,“…in every region, responding to the needs and aspirations of young people is a crucial challenge for the future." The policy is predicated on emerging best and promising practice for youth development and engagement that are gleaned from USAID and partner’s experience in youth programming, as well as through consultations with young people across the developing world.The policy is further informed by principles and practices articulated in the Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development (PPD), the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR), the National Security Strategy 2010, State Department Youth Policy 2011, USAID Forward, and the USAID Policy Framework 20112015.

DEMO Africa Showcases African Start-ups Create a Better Business Environment

DEMO Africa

World Development Report 2013 suggests that countries should focus on creating jobs with greater development payoffs. This makes me wonder whether we should also place more emphasis on those entrepreneurial ideas and businesses that could potentially improve the business environment in which other entrepreneurs operate, thereby generating a reproductive effect on the reduction of unemployment.

EPAG Impact Evaluation: Preliminary Midline Results

The World Bank

EPAG Impact Evaluation: Preliminary Midline Results  was presented under the Adolescent Girls and Young Women Track at the 2012 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference. This presentation examines how to make school-to-work programs more “girl friendly”
throughout the project cycle and discuss what works in adolescent girl programming.

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Trade at Hand ([email protected]) – Mobile Marketplace Business Model

International Trade Centre

The "Trade at Hand ([email protected]) – Mobile Marketplace Business Model" was presented at the Markets Go Mobile for Youth Entrepreneurs session, under the Enterprise Development Track at the 2012 Global Youth Econonomic Opportunites Conference. 

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Markets Go Mobile for Youth Entrepreneurs

International Trade Centre

"Markets Go Mobile for Youth Entrepreneurs" was presented under the Enterprise Development Track at the 2012 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference. Examined in this presentation is how International Trade Centre is using mobile phones to innovate business communications and trade transactions between producers, marketers, traders and exporters who are disadvantaged by their location and/or the level of economic development. 

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