Markets Go Mobile for Youth Entrepreneurs

International Trade Centre

"Markets Go Mobile for Youth Entrepreneurs" was presented under the Enterprise Development Track at the 2012 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference. Examined in this presentation is how International Trade Centre is using mobile phones to innovate business communications and trade transactions between producers, marketers, traders and exporters who are disadvantaged by their location and/or the level of economic development. 

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Youth Economic Livelihoods Recovery in Post-Conflict Areas: The Case of Acholi Sub-Region in Northern Uganda

Enterprise Uganda

This presentation aims to increase the understanding of Entrepreneurship as a tool that can provide livelihoods for many rural and urban communities and create jobs for young people.

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Kickstarting Youth Entrepreneurship: An Answer to Youth Unemployment?

ODI and Youth Business International

Youth unemployment is a global problem.  A recent OECD report reveals that the average rate of youth unemployment in OECD countries is 16% while the troubled economies of Greece and Spain are struggling with youth jobless rates above 50 per cent.  In Africa, an increasingly youthful population needs more opportunities to make a living, an issue deemed so relevant to the future development of the continent it was the primary focus of this year’s Afr

The Youth Livelihoods Alliance: Joining Forces for Economic Opportunity

United States Department of State

As I speak with young people from around the globe, I find striking similarities. They are full of innovation, creativity, and talent. People under 30 are the first generation of youth that can consider themselves a global entity. They see themselves as global citizens and want to connect and help one another.

Press Release: Launch of the Youth Livelihoods Alliance: Creating Economic Opportunities for Young People

United States Department of State

Under Secretary Maria Otero to Deliver Keynote Address at the Launch of the Youth Livelihoods Alliance: Creating Economic Opportunities for Young People

Notice to the Press
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
October 1, 2012


Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) launches new youth training - Give Youth a Chance: An Agenda for Action

Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF)

The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) is pleased to announce the launch of its new youth training strategy, Give Youth a Chance: An Agenda for Action at Making Cents International's 2012 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference. MIF general manager Nancy Lee will discuss the key lessons learned from past projects, and present highlights of the new strategy, including the New Employment Opportunities initiative, a public-private alliance that will bring successful youth training models to one million youth in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

Give Youth a Chance: An Agenda for Action

Multilateral Investment Fund

18 years have passed since the MIF began working with youth in Latin America and the Caribbean. Since then, a whole new generation has been born. The risks this generation faces are formidable: those who lack skills and connections will often be shut out of the formal economy. Fortunately, the opportunities rival the risks. The energy, diversity, and potential of young people can be transformed into a vibrant engine of growth for the region. The MIF remains committed to the critical goals of supporting access to jobs and business opportunities for this new generation of youth.

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Creando un Ecosistema de Emprendimiento

Fundación E

Este blog fue escrito por Samuel González y Adrián Moreno de la Fundación E, una ONG que promueve el emprendimiento de jóvenes en Latinoamérica, Norteamérica y España. Se trata de su estrategia de emprendimiento para jóvenes. Este tema y otros relacionados con el incremento de Oportunidades Económicas para Jóvenes serán exploradas con ponentes plenarios, talleres interactivos y metodologías de sesiones abiertas dentro de la 6ta conferencia anual de Oportunidades Económicas Globales para Jóvenes la cual tomara lugar del 11 al 13 de Septiembre de 2012 en el Centro de Conferencias del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo. Financieras, Fondos, Organizaciones no gubernamentales, Investigadores, Profesionales y otros agentes estarán trabajando en estos temas, estas invitado a registro en www.YouthEconomicOpportunities.org

Oasis 500! The real Arab Spring!

Oasis 500

Blog #4 in a special series for the 2012 Youth Economic Opportunities Conference
September 11-13, 2012 | Washington, DC