Income Generating Program


Ujima asks a lot of its trainees, but has incorporated the importance of standing on your own two feet also for itself. Each training centre is linked to an income generating guesthouse. The guesthouses offer job exposure to trainees, but also generate the income needed to offer the training programme for free to its trainees.

The self-reliance concept is so important to Ujima that it is incorporated in its logo:
The best support is self-support!

Liberia Upgrading Nutrition and Child Health (LAUNCH)


An integrated approach to improving food security

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Alliance for International Youth Development

The Alliance for International Youth Development (AIYD) is please to announce the upcoming launch of its brand new website. Available to members and non-members, AIYD wants your reports, policy papers, and guides for youth development to be featured in AIYD’s online Resource Library!

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Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education. State of Entrepreneurship Education 2012

Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education

To honor the 6th annual celebration of National Entrepreneurship Week, the host (The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education) conducted a survey of U.S. state education leaders to determine “the state of entrepreneurship education” in 2012. The goal was to explore where each state stands on providing entrepreneurial experiences with emphasis on K-12 programs. This report shares the findings.

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Innovations for Poverty Action and the Citi Foundation Launch Fund to Create Evidence on Financial Capability

Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) and the Citi Foundation

Innovations for Poverty Action and the Citi Foundation Launch Fund to Create Evidence on Financial Capability

Loden Entrepreneurship Programme

The Loden Foundation

As thousands of educated young people leave school and college each year, Bhutan is facing an unprecedented problem of unemployment. The private sector is still a fledgling and the civil service is over-suscribed. With a money-oriented economy sweeping across the region, there is a need for a socially responsible and ethical entrepreneurial culture. LEP was launched in order to give a helping hand to hundreds of young people who are searching for guidance and support to create businesses and employment in the new economic climate.

The Intent

Endogenous Skill Acquisition and Export Manufacturing in Mexico

Yale University

Studies based on firm-level data find that both exporting firms and multinational corporations pay higher wages for a given skill level. The author of this study, however, uses the case of Mexico to support his thesis that the existence of export manufacturing firms in the developing world deleteriously affects the educational choices of local youth. The author finds that these relatively high-paying jobs disincentivize youth from pursuing further education and graduating to higher skill levels that would ultimately be more lucrative.

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Bridge the Gap (BTG)

Self-Help Assistance Program (ASAP)

A Self-Help Assistance Program (ASAP)'s Bridge the Gap (BTG) project goal is to improve the teaching and learning of Mathematics. Specific objectives to reach this goal are to: i. Improve the academic performance in mathematics of students in the target areas. ii. Increase the number of pupils with a positive opinion of Math at primary school. iii. Improve teacher’s interest in Math at primary and secondary schools. iv. Improve instruction and teaching methods/techniques.

Stories of Change Vol. 2: Youth Making A Difference

Ashoka’s Youth Venture

Stories of Change is Ashoka’s electronic book series. This volume, meant to provide inspiration to both youth and the practitioners who serve them, offers the stories of ten young “changemakers” from around the world.

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Growth and Employment: Visions at Work

Africa Commission

The Africa Commission presents a progress report on the work that has been done by the Africa Commission to realize its goals to focus their development agenda towards Africa with the creation of decent jobs for the growing African youth population, as described in its ‘Copenhagen Statement’. This report also includes a number of key-note articles by commissioners and other prominent persons on matters of concern to Africa and the Africa Commission, as well as shorter articles sharing some relevant experience and lessons learned.

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