OpenEntryGenerating Employment for Women and Youth with Free E-commerce Catalogs on Google


OpenEntry (OE) is a non-profit development organization with 13 years of experience bringing the benefits of e-commerce to thousands of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in 44 countries including Haiti, Brazil, Laos, India, Zimbabwe, Mali, Netherlands, Kenya, Bangladesh, and USA.

A United Nations Development Program evaluation of OE in Nepal (http://goo.gl/EWd4b) concluded:

European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs in Macedonia

Business Start-Up Center Bitola (Business Incubator)

A program of mentorship to female entreprenurs.

Income Generating Program


Ujima asks a lot of its trainees, but has incorporated the importance of standing on your own two feet also for itself. Each training centre is linked to an income generating guesthouse. The guesthouses offer job exposure to trainees, but also generate the income needed to offer the training programme for free to its trainees.

The self-reliance concept is so important to Ujima that it is incorporated in its logo:
The best support is self-support!

Abriendo Oportunidades

The Population Council

This national program is providing the most vulnerable indigenous Mayan girls and young women in Guatemala with personal and professional development skills, mentorship, and leadership opportunities.

Liberia Upgrading Nutrition and Child Health (LAUNCH)


An integrated approach to improving food security

Project Shakti - Life Skills Education for Out of School Adolescents

Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust

Shakti is a Hindi word, the literary meaning of which in English is Power. The objective of this project is to empower the dropouts and the under-achiever adolescents psychologically to make them well equipped in Life Skills. It is to motivate and reorient them towards a meaningful vocation, develop their personality and provide them guidance and support in vocational careers according to their aptitude and abilities. The methodology of training is participatory and primarily activity-based.

Youth Enterprise Development

Vision Consulting Africa

We create an entrepreneurial culture among youth through various initiatives, a culture that encourages development and growth in all aspects of a young person’s life.

Business Labs

Young Americas Business Trust

The concept of the Business Labs emerged from a Trinidadian project undertaken by the Organization of American States, the Ministry of Education in Trinidad and Tobago. The Minister of Education thought that the way in which schools utilize laboratories to provide practical experience in the areas of science, could be applied to business education, thus adding a new dimension to the current theoretical approach.

Loden Entrepreneurship Programme

The Loden Foundation

As thousands of educated young people leave school and college each year, Bhutan is facing an unprecedented problem of unemployment. The private sector is still a fledgling and the civil service is over-suscribed. With a money-oriented economy sweeping across the region, there is a need for a socially responsible and ethical entrepreneurial culture. LEP was launched in order to give a helping hand to hundreds of young people who are searching for guidance and support to create businesses and employment in the new economic climate.

The Intent

Entrepreneurship Program

Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice & Helpcentre (B'Yeah)

Many of the youths of Bangladesh have the potential to become entrepreneurs; yet very few do so, to a large extent due to a lack of a supportive environment for promoting entrepreneurial efforts of newcomers without experience or capital in Bangladesh. B’YEAH partners with major youth based organizations such The Hunger Project, NFYOB to reach out to these disadvantaged youths to promote sustainable young entrepreneurship as an alternative to paid employment.