Income Generating Program


Ujima asks a lot of its trainees, but has incorporated the importance of standing on your own two feet also for itself. Each training centre is linked to an income generating guesthouse. The guesthouses offer job exposure to trainees, but also generate the income needed to offer the training programme for free to its trainees.

The self-reliance concept is so important to Ujima that it is incorporated in its logo:
The best support is self-support!

Project Shakti - Life Skills Education for Out of School Adolescents

Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust

Shakti is a Hindi word, the literary meaning of which in English is Power. The objective of this project is to empower the dropouts and the under-achiever adolescents psychologically to make them well equipped in Life Skills. It is to motivate and reorient them towards a meaningful vocation, develop their personality and provide them guidance and support in vocational careers according to their aptitude and abilities. The methodology of training is participatory and primarily activity-based.

Civic Support Initiative


The Civic Support Initiative in Lebanon strengthens civil society capacity to mobilize youth, promote conflict mitigation, and advocate for peaceful national and local change.

​ Funded by USAID through its Office of Transition Initiatives, the Civic Support Initiative in Lebanon provides small, in-kind grants to organizations working with youth in marginalized and conflict-prone areas. The initiative has partnered with numerous nongovernmental organizations, youth groups, and other civil society actors.

Liberia Advancing Youth Project

Education Development Center (EDC)

The Advancing Youth Project will provide increased access to quality alternative basic education services, social and leadership development and livelihoods for out of school youth aged 13-35 who have no or marginal literacy and numeracy skills. The Project will work closely with the Ministry of Education and community-based organizations to build their capacity to manage a system and programs that provide youth with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Fostering Opportunities in Rural Southern Areas (FORSA)

Pathfinder International

Funded by USAID, Pathfinder's FORSA project, which means 'opportunity' in Arabic, is working to provide immediate job opportunities for young men and women in rural areas. These youth will support improved health information, health-seeking behavior, and access to quality health services for Egypt's most vulnerable populations. FORSA is also working to build the capacity of women and provide them with in-kind support to start their own microenterprises, thus helping alleviate poverty.

A Ganar

Partners of the Americas

Led by Partners of the Americas, A Ganar (Vencer in Brazil) is a youth workforce development program wrapped up in a soccer ball. By utilizing soccer and other team sports to help youth in Latin America, ages 16-24, find jobs, learn entrepreneurial skills, or re-enter the formal education system, A Ganar combats the serious problem of youth unemployment.


The Garissa Youth Project (G-Youth)

Education Development Center (EDC)

The Garissa Youth Project (G-Youth) is designed to create enabling environments that empower youth in different ways through a youth-owned, youth-led model.  The project supports youth in designing and managing initiatives that improve economic and social opportunities for themselves and their communities, enables increased numbers of Garissan youth to have greater access to livelihood opportunities and the world of work, increases youth retention and transition to secondar

Mali Support to Youth Entrepreneurs Project, PAJE-Nièta

Education Development Center (EDC)

PAJE-Nièta (Projet d’Appui aux Jeunes Entrepreneurs or Support to Youth Entrepreneurs Project) is a five-year youth development initiative funded by USAID/Mali’s Basic Education and Accelerated Economic Growth divisions. The project works to provide 10,000 rural, out-of-school youth with improved basic education, work readiness and technical training, social and leadership development, and accompaniment towards livelihood activities. Nièta means "progress" in Bambara, a Malian language.

Inclusion of Vietnamese with Disabilities Project

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

CRS Vietnam supports the growth of inclusive education by encouraging enrollment of children with disabilities in regular schools and training teachers on inclusive education methods. CRS has developed a comprehensive model of inclusive education, vocational training and job placement for children and youth with disabilities. In the current Inclusion of Vietnamese With Disabilities project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development through 2010, CRS works with the Vietnamese Ministry of Education to expand inclusive education practices.

Excellence in Higher Education for Liberian Development (EHELD)

RTI, University of Michigan, Rutgers University, North Carolina State University, and Associates in Rural Development

The project assists Liberia in equipping its young women and men for professional careers as leaders, managers, extension agents, researchers, and small business owners in agriculture and engineering.  EHELD works to build practical, experience-based, and labor market-aligned educational and research programs to prepare skilled professionals and help university faculty address the challenges of economic and infrastructure development.