Girl Coders Fight Sexual Harassment


Blerta is the first girl in the Kosovo’s IT sector to ever win a grant to work on a computer application. Since then, she established Girls Coding Kosova in February 2014. Earlier this year, Girls Coding Kosova teamed up with Open Data Kosovo and USAID to develop #EcShlirë (meaning “walk freely” in Albanian), a mobile application for reporting sexual harassment in real time.

Pakistan Bridges the Gender Divide by Embracing a Digital Economy

World Bank

Standing in line to sign up for the Digital Youth Summit in Peshawar this May, I struck up a conversation with a young woman from Peshawar. I was pleasantly surprised by her level of interest and eagerness in participating at the tech conference.  She was keen to develop an app that would allow her to sell home-based food products at a national level.  She had already gathered a group of friends who would work with her on different aspects of task planning and implementation.  Her enthusiasm was palpable and infectious.

Five Strategies to Help Youth Succeed in the Digital Age

World Bank

According to the World Bank Development Report on Digital Dividends (2016), the rapid spread of digital technologies around the world is boosting economic growth and expands opportunities in many instances; but the benefits of technological changes are not evenly distributed to workers globally. For high-skilled workers, technology in most cases complements their skills, increases their productivity, and often leads to higher wages.

Gender Transformative Robots: Building a Training and Employment Service Support Assistant through Gender Transformative/Centered Design

Plan International, Accenture

In today’s connected society, infinite information is available to assist job seekers in the journey toward economic empowerment. However, many marginalized young people struggle to compete as they face barriers that impede both access and agency. Young women and girls often face further disadvantage as a result of further social and cultural barriers. In 2017, Plan International and Accenture Development Partners embarked on a journey to improve agency and accessibility for marginalized youth, particularly young women, pursuing training and employment opportunities.

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UX for Youth Engagement: Mobile-First Design and Development in India, and Everywhere Else

International Youth Foundation, Quest Alliance, General Assembly

Mobile learning has immense and increasing power to reach youth all over the world, including in emerging economies like India. Currently 55 percent of the world's 5 billion mobile subscriptions belong to people with smart phones, a percentage that will increase to 77 percent by 2025. This change is most acute in evolving economies like India and South Africa, where the magnitude of need for training and the capacity for scale are nearly unmatched. But how is creating content for mobile different than other types of programming and learning?

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Time4Coffee Podcast


Time4Coffee is a podcast and website dedicated to helping college students, recent graduates and those still looking for the right fit navigate a rapidly changing global job marketplace. Let’s face it: for a young person today, let alone an older job seeker, what is unquestionably exhilarating about these changes and endless possibilities can also be downright paralyzing and overwhelming.

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2017 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit

Making Cents International
Sep 27, 2017 (All day) to Sep 29, 2017 (All day)

The Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit is a global convening that brings together 500+ leading stakeholders from 55 countries to connect, exchange, and collaborate. Now in its 11th year, the Summit is the largest convening of its kind in North America for the youth economic opportunities community.

The Future of Work We Want: A Global Dialogue

International Labour Organization
Apr 6, 2017 (All day) to Apr 7, 2017 (All day)

Around the world, in economies at all stages of development, profound changes in the nature of work are underway.

Microwork and Impact Sourcing Report Launch

Global Center for Youth Employment
Mar 1, 2017 (09:00am to 11:30am)

International Center for Research On Women Accepting Applications for the Mariam K. Chamberlain Award

International Center for Research on Women

ICRW is now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 Mariam K. Chamberlain Award, which honors the legacy of Dr. Mariam K. Chamberlain, a visionary who founded Re:Gender – formerly the National Council for Research on Women – in 1981. The $10,000 award will support a first-generation doctoral student, as they work on a dissertation under the close supervision of a senior dissertation advisor over one academic year.

AWARD: 2018 Zambezi Prize for Innovation in Financial Inclusion

MIT and Mastercard Foundation

Applications Open to Find Africa’s Most Innovative Start-ups Meeting the Greatest Financial Inclusion Challenges