Webinar Resources | Redefining Work-Based Learning in a Changing World of Work

Shea Gopaul, Neha Singh, and Tyra Tutor
Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN), General Electric Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, The Adecco Group
Publication Date: 
Apr 24, 2018

Making Cents was joined by the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN), General Electric Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, and Adecco, for an interactive session offering comparative insights from global employers and implementers on the role of work-based learning (apprenticeships) for youth economic opportunity in a changing world of work.

Apprenticeships have long been used to combine learning and earning on the job, while also meeting the needs of employers. Yet today's apprenticeships go by different names, such as work-based learning, and can take many forms that tap a range of ages and skill levels, and engage existing as well as new employers. What is increasingly evident is that applied learning on the job can help improve young people's chances for life-long learning and earning - critical in an economy characterized by disruption and a rapidly evolving workplace. 


This presentation explored:

  • The value and role of apprenticeships in regard to addressing youth economic opportunity;
  • The deepening of our understanding of new and innovative models for apprenticeships; how employers adapt these models for work-based learning across different industries (and regional perspectives); the identification of key challenges and opportunities associated with starting and implementing apprenticeship programs; and
  • The perspective of leading global companies regarding what incentivizes employers to support work-based learning. 

Webinar Material:


  • Christy Olenik, VP of Technical Services, Making Cents International


  • Shea Gopaul, Founder and Executive Director, Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN)
  • Neha Singh, Senior Manager - Strategy and Operations, General Electric Sustainable Healthcare Solutions
  • Tyra Tutor, SVP - Corporate Development, Adecco Group
Workforce Development