Youth Voices for Positive Change: An Evidence Based Approach to Developing the Sudanese Youth National Policy

Hashim Yousif, Wala Ali, Ahmed Sadig
Youth Forum
Publication Date: 
Sep 29, 2017

This session represents the research findings by the Youth Forum Organization to the government for drawing up Sudan’s first National Youth Policy. It is a journey we will take to formulate a new and innovative approach to creating a Sudanese national policy for youth. The aim here is to bring to light the most prominent challenges faced by our youth, and also their aspirations for a policy that will accurately represent them and meet their needs. We also hope to emphasize and show examples of how a mutually beneficial relationship (between the government and the civil society) can be created and how much this will achieve if it is successful.

The session will also include the following:

  • Research methodology
  • Results of the survey
  • The challenges we faced during the process and how we overcame them.
  • The role of youth in the making of the policy
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