The Role of Volunteer Business Mentoring in Supporting Youth Entrepreneurship: A Global Perspective

Julie Haddock-Millar, Jessica Greenhalf
Youth Business International, Middlesex University
Publication Date: 
Sep 28, 2017

Middlesex University Business School (MUBS) and the Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research (CEEDR) were commissioned by Youth Business International (YBI) in November 2015 to conduct a global longitudinal study to understand ‘what works, where and why’ of how voluntary business mentoring (VBM) assists young entrepreneurs, both in terms of their business start-up and development, but also their personal development and entrepreneurial journey. The team will set out the results of the first phase of the research project, indicting:

  • The impacts of VBM on youth entrepreneur mentees, their businesses, mentors and initiatives.
  • The lessons learned from VBM that can be applied more broadly to raise standards and advance learning.

The session will engage participants in self-reflection, understanding the extent to which their practice and related activities build a foundation of skills for youth that supports their long-term social and economic success in a changing world of work.

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