Taking an Evidence-based Approach to Scaling Youth Enterprises and Investments - How Can We Maximize Impact?

Mona Mowafi
RISE Egypt
Publication Date: 
Sep 28, 2017

We often talk about the importance of supporting youth development as an economic, social and moral imperative, but how do we do this work effectively? How do we scale youth enterprises and truly know we are creating the impact we seek? What tools can youth entrepreneurs use to guide themselves to make greater social impact in their target sectors and create greater economic opportunities through their ventures? How can researchers, mediating organizations, policy shapers and investors partner with youth entrepreneurs to ensure investments indeed create the impact we are all working to achieve? This session will explore what it means to take an evidence-based approach to scaling youth enterprises and investments. A short presentation will be followed by a dynamic discussion and workshop to further develop how we can collectively push this field forward. The session’s facilitator, Dr. Mona Mowafi, will bring over 10 years of experience working on research, entrepreneurship and youth development in Egypt and the Middle East and use this as a starting point for an exciting exchange about how we can link practice groups from around the world to support an evidence-based approach to scaling youth enterprises and impact investment, particularly in the developing world.

Enterprise Development
Middle East & North Africa
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