Are Labor Markets Really Local? Youth Training and Employment in Times of High Migration: Lessons from Colombia, Guatemala, and Kenya

Sergio Rivas, Valerie Raydan, Elizabeth Eckert
ACDI/VOCA, RTI International, Fundacion Avina
Publication Date: 
Sep 27, 2017

The changing world of youth economic opportunity is heavily influenced by prevailing global trends in migration. Most workforce development (WFD) models assume youth recruitment and supports in a localized area, and training for employment in the same catchment zone. But – we know this is not the case, youth are more mobile, and are often forced to migrate due to conflict, seasonal patterns, and economic fluidity. In order to respond to this, Youth WFD programs need to fundamentally re-evaluate their models, approaches and tools in order to better fit the operating environment. This session is an opportunity for practitioners and donors to join a team of experts from three countries (Colombia, Guatemala, and Kenya) as we look at the global evidence on migration and employment and tie it to localized learning from three countries experiencing very different types of high migration.

Workforce Development
Latin America & the Caribbean
Sub-Saharan Africa