From Kabul to the Waldorf Astoria: Online Learning in Diverse Contexts

Lara Henneman, Steven Ehrenberg, Craig Kalkut
International Youth Foundation, FHI 360, American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute
Publication Date: 
Sep 27, 2017

Online and mobile learning present an incredible opportunity to educate young people in innovative ways that are cost-effective and scalable. The future of work is now- more than two-thirds of youth have taken at least one online course to improve their skills. How do we ensure the quality and impact of online education? And, how do we ensure that these programs are geared toward industry needs? International Youth Foundation, the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute, and FHI 360 will share an overview of trends in this rapidly evolving space and offer a rich variety of perspectives on what works via this TedX style talk. Each presenter will share guidelines for effective design, piloting, and delivery of online learning for youth economic empowerment with dedicated time for participants to sample content with their laptops and mobile phones.

Workforce Development