Design Squad Global: Exploring a Model that Approaches Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving from a Global Perspective

Anne Smiley, Dylan Busa
FHI 360
Publication Date: 
Sep 29, 2017

This session provides an immersive experience of the interactive project-based learning approach used by DSG to develop the problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills of youth within and for a global context. Participants will work collaboratively to solve a set engineering challenge within given contextual constraints different from their own. During the activity, groups will be given the opportunity to share their design ideas with a partner group and give and receive constructive feedback. Then groups will share their final engineering solutions and underlying rationals with all other participants and speak briefly about the experience of working “from a different perspective”. The session will close with a facilitated discussion on how this project-based approach is being used, through DSG, with youth in multiple settings around the world, what the elements of good soft skills youth programming are and how these same methods can be applied to participants’ programs.

Enterprise Development