A Global Desk Review of Financial Education’s Contribution to Girls’ Economic Empowerment

Jessica Singh and Mira Schneiders
Aflatoun International
Publication Date: 
Mar, 2017

This global review is part of the thought leadership component of the Credit Suisse Financial Education for Girls (CSFEG) program. The purpose of this work is to provide recommendations regarding the design, implementation and research on programs for adolescent girls aged 10 to 18 that aim to contribute to their economic empowerment by containing a financial education component. Presented here are the findings from research into selected, highlighting key financial education program models. This can be used for development practitioners and policy makers to inform the selection, modification, creation, and/or evaluation of programs with the goal of contributing to the economic empowerment of young women. The research will also be useful to direct the areas where further research can be undertaken within the CSFEG program.

Key aspects
  • Adolescent girls typically lack access to financial capital and have more limited opportunities to gain the education, knowledge, and skills that can lead to economic advancement.
  • Programs and interventions that seek to contribute to economic empowerment can be a critical lever for change in adolescent girls’ lives, helping them to gain financial independence, establish good saving habits, and improve their future prospects for participation in the labor force.

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Adolescent Girls
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