Effectiveness and Sustainability of Social & Financial Education for Youth

Daniel Shephard, Sudha Vijay & Aukje te Kaat
Aflatoun International
Publication Date: 
May 1, 2017

The young people of today present unique opportunities and will confront unique challenges. To equip young people to take hold of these opportunities and meet these challenges, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers have highlighted the positive impact that life-skills education and financial education can have on children and young people.International bodies have stated the need for education in such skills,and a growing number of countries have strengthened the teaching of both social skills and financial skills in their curricula.

Aflateen is an example of a programme that combines training in social and financial skills. It is a youth education programme that has been developed jointlyby Aflatoun International and its international network of partners, and in collaboration with The MasterCard Foundation. The programme was developed in 2011 and has since been piloted, revised, and scaled globally. It is now being implemented in 64 countries with over 700,000 young people participating in person(in 2015) and over 25,000 learning through the online version, Aflateen Digital.

After this initial period of piloting and scaling-up the Aflateen Social and Financial Education programme for youth, this report takes stock of the lessons learned regarding the programme’s effects and strategies for its continued sustainability and growth. The main objectives of this report are to share those lessons learned and to make recommendations to Aflatoun International, implementing organisations, other practitioners, and researchers.

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