African Economic Outlook 2017- Entrepreneurship and Industrialisation

African Development Bank, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, United Nations Development Programme
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The annual African Economic Outlook (AEO) monitors the continent’s state of affairs using a collaborative approach. The AEO assesses the recent economic and social situation in Africa, projects likely developments for the near future and explores a special theme on the structure of African economies. The AEO 2017, the 16th edition, examines entrepreneurship and industrialisation in Africa. The report results from a unique partnership between three international organisations: the African Development Bank, the OECD Development Centre and the United Nations Development Programme.

Three parts comprise the AEO 2017. Part I examines Africa’s macroeconomic performance, financing, trade policies and regional integration, human development, and governance. Part II explains how improving entrepreneurship contributes to Africa’s industrialisation and offers policies to do so. Part III summarises the performance of every African country; a condensed version appears in the printed copy of the report.
The statistical annex contains 26 tables comparing economic, social and political indicators across all 54 African countries. For the first time, they are published only online, allowing for updates throughout the year.
The AEO presents rigorous and independent analysis and data for a large audience. Over 150 researchers, economists, statisticians, and other experts from Africa and different regions of the world contribute to this report. They draw on data from numerous sources, including national statistics offices, ministries, multilateral development institutions, civil society and the media. This valuable, policy-relevant compilation can inform decision makers, advisors, business analysts, private sector actors, journalists, non-governmental organisations and engaged citizens around the globe on factors shaping Africa’s development trajectory.
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