Assessment of Integrated Workforce Development and Sexual and Reproductive Health Interventions with Recommendations for the Future

Diana Rutherford, Kate Plourde, Thomas Galloway, and Eleanor Wang
FHI 360
Publication Date: 
May, 2017

Improving the lives of youth is critical to local, national, and international development. The needs of youth are complex and therefore broader than any one sector of development. Multisector programs that focus on the whole person are promising for having a greater impact on youth than single-sector approaches. More specifically, theoretical perspectives and evidence from research suggest that two sectors important for encouraging the well-being of youth — workforce development (WfD) and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) — are interrelated and mutually supportive. They may therefore lead to better outcomes for youth when integrated within a single youth-focused program.  

The present study makes recommendations to inform implementation of and research on youth programs that integrate WfD and SRH. We based these recommendations on a systematic, comprehensive review of integrated programs with input from a consultative group of implementers, funders, and researchers. 

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