Increasing Employment Opportunities- The Tipping Point: The Youth Bulge and the Sub-Saharan African Labor Market

Brookings Institute
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The demographic dividend has been touted as a potential source of growth for the African continent and its relatively young population. In the same vein, it comes with the challenge of employment creation that can absorb the large cohort of youth that is set to enter sub-Saharan
Africa’s labor markets in the approaching decades. Less positively, however, countries that fail to plan accordingly might miss these potential opportunities or the resulting youth bulge could increase the risk of social tension and other risks arising from high youth unemployment rates.
The year 2017 offers an opportunity for identifying and implementing policies to capitalize on the segment of the population that is quickly growing up. Relative to other regions, sub-Saharan Africa’s demographic transition begins from a much lower base and is beset by conflict and death from HIV/AIDS and other diseases resulting in a demographic transition peak that is expected to be much lower than that of other regions.
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