Handbook for Effective Incorporation of Social-emotional Competencies in Youth Employability Programs for Disadvantaged Youth

Liliana González Ávila, Clara Cardona Vasco, and Susan Pezzullo
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The handbook consists of three chapters. The first chapter explores the social and productive context and the social-emotional competencies and training objective that arise from this context. It also presents some approaches to defining these competencies. The second chapter explores the incorporation of social-emotional competencies into youth employability programs. Criteria are proposed for identifying the competencies, as well as strategies for developing and evaluating them, both within training institutions through linking them into the specific training curriculum, addressing them in parallel to the curriculum, or individually through mentoring or coaching exercises. These exercises may include actual work scenarios through internships, work experience, and teaching observations. The final chapter details what institutions need to effectively incorporate the competencies, including the level of curricular changes, the profile of trainers and resources. Lastly, guidelines are provided for evaluating and systematizing the programs.

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