Pathways to Progress Global Youth Survey 2017: Economic Prospects and Expectations

Citi Foundation
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Young people today make up the largest youth population in history. Their successes and struggles are as diverse as their personalities and aspirations.

However, in all corners of the globe, this generation faces a common challenge: persistent youth unemployment. Left unaddressed, the consequences reverberate across our cities. When young people don’t see or have a sustainable economic path, our families and communities also suffer. In fact, the futures of cities are intrinsically tied to the economic success of young people.

We know, however, that young people remain optimistic, entrepreneurial, and have expectations for what they need to succeed. We wanted to capture these drivers and learn how municipal leaders, civil society, the private sector, and others can work together to bridge the gap between the economic aspirations and reality of young people. Young people believe in a brighter future and it is up to us to afford them that opportunity.

That’s why the Citi Foundation commissioned a survey with Ipsos to build on existing research and further gauge the economic prospects and pursuits of young people in 45 cities across 32 countries around the world. The results in this paper are based on the voices of more than 7,000 young people surveyed. We learned about what careers they want to pursue, the availability of resources that help connect them to employment opportunities, and the obstacles that stand in their way.

This research is part of the Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress initiative, designed to boost the employability of young people, ages 16-24, around the globe. In February 2017, we announced an expanded three-year commitment to invest $100 million to connect 500,000 young people globally to opportunities that set them on a path towards economic success. Through entrepreneurship training, mentorship, leadership development, and a first job, we are working with leading community organizations and municipal leaders around the world to help make today’s young people the most employable generation yet. Together, we are helping test, scale and replicate proven solutions, as well as taking learnings from our work in the United States and applying it globally where appropriate.

With a rapidly changing and complex economic and social environment, these insights will help guide our approach to investing in our future leaders. We hope it will help inform your work too.

Read the full report here.

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