REPORT: Bridging the Skills Gap: Insights from Employers, Educators, and Youth in Latin America & The Caribbean, October 2016

Ana Florez and Shubha Jayaram
FHI 360, Results for Development (R4D)
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Oct 20, 2016

Dear Colleagues, 

On October 13th, FHI 360 and Results for Development (R4D) were pleased to launch their new report, Bridging the Skills Gap: Insights from Employers, Educators, and Youth in Latin America and the Caribbean, which draws on data collected in Colombia, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador from more than 300 students, educators, employers and public officials. The report explores skills needed for employability, skills acquired through formal education systems and innovative delivery models that promote youth employability in the region. 
The event brought together key players engaged in addressing the youth employability challenge, in the LAC region, and around the world. Following a presentation of findings from the report, a vibrant panel discussion explored how the report’s findings align with other recent research, what we are learning about how to measure the critical socio-emotional skills, and highlighted the importance of Bridging the Skills Gap given its focus on both the demand (employers) and supply (educators) side of the skills gap. Many in the audience shared their perspectives on the importance of the role of the government in ensuring scalable solutions and systemic change.
The energy and engaging discussion at the event is a testament to the importance of addressing youth employability and ensuring youth have the relevant skills to succeed in the labor market. We are excited that Bridging the Skills Gap is a contribution to this conversation, and look forward to continuing to work with our partners on this crucial topic. To support us on this work or to learn more, please contact Ana Florez at [email protected] and Shubha Jayaram at [email protected].   

Please check out our new report, highlights from the event and other related work below. 

Ana Florez, FHI 360 & Shubha Jayaram, R4D
Co-authors, Bridging the Skills Gap: Insights from Employers Educators, and Youth in Latin America and the Caribbean

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