PRESENTATION: What do Young People Want, Sep 2016

Naandi Foundation, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, McCann Global Health
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Sep 30, 2016

What do young people really want? What drives and motivates them? What influences their behaviors? By better understanding this target group we can improve the effectiveness of our programming. This session will look at universal insights on what motivates young people from different countries, and how we can change key health and social behaviors of youth, especially adolescent girls, who are often economically and socially marginalized, to influence their future economic prospects. An example from India will be shared to highlight how access to information and communications technology (ICT) has great potential to develop soft skills and future economic opportunities for young girls. 




Marti van Liere, Director, Maternal Infant and Young Child Nutrition, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (Switzerland)

Andrew Schirmer, President, McCann Global Health (USA)

Nikita Setia, Manager, Nanhi Kali Centres, Naandi Foundation (India)

Soft Skills
Vocational Education