PRESENTATION: Understanding Risk: A New Soft Skill for Positive Youth Development? Sep 2016

USAID, Pathfinder International
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Sep 30, 2016

Positive Youth Development requires thinking more systemically about cross-sectoral factors affecting youth and equipping youth to navigate these factors. This includes sexual and reproductive health risk management as a workforce development (WFD) consideration. Participants will play "Pathways to Change", a game which can be used to stimulate youth to think about reasons for continuing certain behaviors. While the game helps youth understand their risky behaviors and how they can avoid them, it also helps those working with youth understand perceptions of barriers to and facilitators of change. Participants will also learn how the game can be a tool for data collection.




Kristin O'Planick, Market Systems & Enterprise Development Specialist, USAID (USA)

Amy Uccello, Technical Advisor, USAID (USA)

Joseph Petraglia, Senior Advisor for Behavior Change, Pathfinder International (USA)

Soft Skills
Vocational Education