PRESENTATION: Emotional Intelligence for Economic & Social Success We Know We Need It, But Can We Train for It, Sep 30

Yale University
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Sep 30, 2016

While there is broad agreement on the value of behavioral skills as predictors for economic and social success, can these skills really be developed in education and work readiness training programs for youth? What does it take to mimic the kind of mentorship for young people that occurs in well-functioning families, in these programs and in the workplace? How can we better support youth economic opportunities with the integration of evidence-based practices to enhance emotional intelligence? Through a comparative discussion that draws on leading research from the U.S., and examples from our sector, this plenary will examine the impact of emotional intelligence training, and what these findings mean for youth training programs in development settings.


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Dr. Marc Brackett, Director, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Yale University (USA)

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