PRESENTATION: Microwork Boom or Bust? Examining the State of the Art Emerging Online Platform that is Transforming Youth Employment, Sep 2016

Samasource, TripAdvisor, Banyan Global, Future Work Consulting, RTI International
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Sep 29, 2016

Youth unemployment remains a major challenge for many developing economies that cannot create enough jobs to absorb the emerging labor market. Microwork, an online outsourcing of services, is an industry that expands entry level jobs.  However, no comprehensive resources currently exist to prepare youth for succeeding in this industry. RTI International, Future Work Consulting and Banyan Global experts will present findings from a Center for Global Youth Employment-funded study mapping the current trends, challenges and success factors surrounding microwork.  The panel will synthesize the study’s findings determining microwork’s sustainability as an effective tool for transitioning disadvantaged youth into employment. 




Wendy Gonzalez, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Samasource (USA)

Catherine Knapp, Vice President of Content, TripAdvisor (USA)

Lis Meyers, Senior Gender Specialist, Banyan Global (USA)

Branka Minic, Founder, Future Work Consulting (USA)

Eric Johnson, Senior Research Economist, RTI International (USA)


Workforce Development